The Gender Secret. By Bella Forrest Book review.


The Gender Secret

By Bella Forrest 

Book two of the adrenaline packed book series about Violet Bates and her torturous struggle on trying to reunite with her little brother. I actually preferred this book romance wise a lot more than the first one. Because as you all may know by now, I love a book with a good romantic line. But I also loved how Forrest made the book flow and did not circle the new romance as the main plot of the story. This book was sort of a bridge to get to the third book. We need to know all of this information as it must be important for the next part of the series, so it can get a bit dragged near the end but pay attention, I’m sure it was all important. Now I did have a few things that I did not like about this second book but I am willing to look past on just because the story is so damn good but I will mention it in the review.

Violet Bates. Once seen as a misunderstood character who is in need of character development has now changed in my eyes as a little bit naive and oblivious when it comes to priorities. There were moments when she was thinking about herself or her love life when there was literally a person bleeding out right next to her. Then she would acknowledge that the said person was dying and then STILL not do anything about it!!?? It was just a little  frustrating- throw the book across the room kind of frustrating when you know that the character has all the ingredients to be a good person but she sort of lacks the common sense to do the right thing when it is so badly needed. I really do hope that Forrest helps Violet become a better person as the book continues because I don’t know how many times more I can look past her lack of empathy. Violet goes through the wars in this book, poor thing. Just when you think she’s in the clear for a minute another thing goes wrong, then another thing, then another. After the fifth thing in a row and poor girl hasn’t slept in literally days I was physically exhausted reading it. I felt so damn sorry for her and how much she’s had to go through. I mean god damn it Bella Forrest! Give the girl a break!

I am still thoroughly enjoying this series and really do encourage anyone who has read the first book to keep on going with this series. I’m really looking forward to the story and the exciting things that are bound to happen in the next book. With an introduction of a new character in the end who is bound to bring in a few plot twists of their own!

The Gender Game By Bella Forrest Book Review


31131467The Gender Game 

By Bella Forrest 

The Gender Game is Book one of the gripping Gender Game book series. In a world where Men and Women are separated into two countries, one ruled by women, the other by men, Matrus and Patrus.  When Violet’s beloved younger brother is taken away from her because of his lack of rights in Matrus as a boy, Violet spends 8 years in different detention facilities in an attempt to make her once again eligible to rejoin society after she is arrested for attempting to smuggle her little brother out of the country to keep him from getting taken away.  Continue reading

Book review: Graceling By Kristin Cashore

Book review of Graceling By Kristin Cashore           three-stars_0


Katsa is Graced. A Grace is a power that is given at birth to a rare few. A grace can be a manner of abilities, you can be graced with cooking or swimming, maybe even singing. But Katsa is graced with killing. Feared by many and used as a royal assassin for her King uncle. Katsa fights with her inner demons as she learns more about her grace and the depth it goes to. Her life seems to be going in circles, doing the kings dirty deeds before she meets Po. A handsome young man who is graced with combat. Together they travel across the world to discover treachery and undercover lies that have spread across lands and seas. They intend to seek the truth, but at what cost?

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Book review of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Book review of Shiver By Maggie Stiefvaterfour-stars_02

shiver-book-cover-books-to-read-10394812-262-400In a town called Mercy Falls, is where the main character named Grace lives. Grace has watched the wolves in the forest that backs onto her garden for years. One yellow eyed wolf, her wolf is haunting her life that she can’t seem to live without. It becomes an obsession and a love of the wolves in the town. When a young boy is killed by the wolf pack, the town members decide to hunt the wolves once and for all. When an injured boy called Sam appears in her garden Graces world id turned upside-down. Sam has yellow eyes like her wolf and even resembles the wolf she adores. Is this a coincidence or is it fate?

The first time I read this book I was an emotional 16 year old in desperate need for a fantasy escape, and this book delivered. Reading it again at age 22, I thoroughly enjoyed it if possible, even more. I appreciated the writing even more, the story, the love, the magic! There’s something about this book that makes it a read without fault for the winter. Just snuggled up with a blanket and some tea with this book was just the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This dark romance is a perfect read at this time of year. I’d recommend any girl ages 13 and over to read this. With two more books to follow after it, I look forward to reading what adventure lies for Sam and Grace next and will their love last?

Book review of Me before you By Jojo Moyes

My Review of: Me before you By Jo jo Moyes

My Rating: four-stars_02

15507958Louisa Clark is a girl who is many things, she’s sweet, she’s kind, she’s witty. But most of all, she’s comfortable. So much so that at the ripe age of 26 she hasn’t done more than leave the house to work at a cafe and then walk back again in over 6 years. It’s not until she loses her job and finds an unexpected replacement position when her whole life is turned upside down. Will it be enough for her to realise that comfortable doesn’t mean happy?

I had trepidation when I decided to read this because I’m a giant softy and can’t handle the sad stories. But because of the raging reviews and the persistent nagging from a particular friend I finally gave in. I was so hooked to the story and in love with the positive and bubbly personality of Louisa Clark that I couldn’t put my kindle down! (Yes I own a kindle, but that’s a whole other thing for another blog)

The writing flowed with ease and Jo jo’s ability to have me picturing literally everything with barely any surrounding description, if any!! She had me even questioning the quality of my own writing. You could even go as far as thinking I actually really admire her writing. The storyline was very sweet, witty and a few giggle moments and of course- romantic.

If you’re up for a teary but heart warming little story- please pick this book up before you run off to the movies to watch Deneryes and Finnick fall in love. I always get sad when people watch the movies without giving the book a chance. 9 times out of 10 the books are going to be better! Why would you deprive yourself from that?! Don’t do it!! 😉


But definitely go see the movie after reading the book! I know I will! 😛

Journey of Souls By Michael Newton.

My Review of: Journey of souls by Michael Newton Ph.D.

My Rating: four-stars_02

104979.jpgI can sum this book up in one word: interesting. It takes a look behind the curtain of death and rebirth. We’ve all heard the stories about near death experiences where the spirit hovers above the body of the deceased and then drifts through a tunnel toward a bright light where they see relatives who preceded them in death. Typically that is all we learn. This book tells the rest of the story.

It goes into depth with Mr Newton’s study with the theory of reincarnation, afterlife and the possibility of the existence of the soul. This book was given to me as a gift and he ins
isted that I read it. I must admit that it was put down and forgotten on multiple occasions, however, It is one of the most intriguing books I have ever read. The writing style- considering the context keeps you interested. In the book I didn’t get bored or finding my thoughts drifting to other things.

I would even go as far as saying its enlightening. His evidence of the possibility of afterlife seems plausible and i would definitely recommend this to the curious and open minded. 🙂


A Sudden Crush. By Camilla Isley

My Book review of: A Sudden Crush By Camilla Isley.

My Rating: two-stars_0


A Book editor marries an Author, thats a match made in heaven! Or is it?

This easy read, chick-lit is the good match for a holiday. (Just make sure you don’t read it on the plane if you have a flying phobia) I must admit that in the beginning, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this book. I had an immediate disliking to the main Character Joanna, she comes off as a bit self centred and rather prejudice. She was quick to label a stranger as ‘Mr ogre’ after he was slightly rude to her.(Who she then has to share a deserted island with for 5 months) I don’t know what it is but there was something about her throughout the book that… irritated me. It was as though she seemed to over react or under react to a lot of things. Joanna’s lack of understanding or just complete obliviousness to the seriousness of being stranded on a deserted island was somewhat infuriating at times. It was as though this supposedly “great book editor” had nothing but air between her ears. Putting my opinions on the main character aside… I would have also have liked it if there was more romance included in the story. Yes there are hints, but not enough to utterly quench my thirst!
Over all I would definitely say this book was recommendable and easy to read for a chilled out holiday or lazy sunday. I had a hard time with the unrealistic factor of the entire story. It was so far away from what real life is really like that I found it hard to make sense of it and relate to it in any way. For me, I’m not a fan of the storyline itself but i liked Camilla’s writing. If you can look past the unrealistic factor of the story itself then this is the right book for you 🙂

The Girl who chased the Moon By Sarah Addison Allen.

My book review of: The girl who chased the moon By Sarah Addison Allen.

My Rating: five-stars

Now I’m not going to lie… This book is without a doubt my favourite book of all time. None of this ‘othe-girl-who-chased-the-moon_.jpgne of my’ favourites bullcrap- this IS my all time number one choice of books. This has changed my view of writing forever. It was my first book that introduced me to the world created by Sarah Addison Allen. Who, in my opinion, is so underrated. Her ability to introduce magical realism into her stories and have you eating out of each character’s hand is so wonderful.

The story is about a girl named Emily Benedict who moves to a very peculiar town named Mullaby. Where she is shunned out by the locals due to her mothers past. So Emily makes it her duty to clear her mothers name and on the way discovers some magical secrets about the old town and meets a mysterious boy who doesn’t go out at night who in the end, helps her uncover her mother’s past.

S.A. Allen’s writing soothed me. Her style is smooth and flows so elegantly you don’t even notice you’re turning the pages. this story is romantic, heart warming and laugh out loud funny. With witty lines and familiar descriptions. This book is something that would be perfect to read on a camping trip or a long train ride to a new place. It gives you this small urge to go on an adventure of your own!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a light bit of reading with a happy story line and a hint of magic with a touch of romance.

Everything about this book is magical to me. There is always one book soul mate. And this is my book soul mate. I have read it about 29 times for those of you who don’t believe me, here’s the copy of my book.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 15.27.58.png


Harry Potter and the philosophers stone By J.K Rowling

My Book Review of: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone By J.K Rowling.

My rating:    five-stars

philosophers-stone-cover-2.jpgNow I know what you’re thinking: “Catch up Poppy, this book came out years ago!” And you’re right! But its the most recent book I have read as I have only just started the Harry potter series last month and I thought my first book review ever- should be of a book I have read recently so it is fresh in my mind. So here it is…

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone is the first of Rowling’s 7 novels in the Harry Potter series. It has, as you all know, become the most successful literary novel of all time. This story is about a young boy named Harry who soon discovers that he is no ordinary boy. He is a wizard! He is then whisked away to Hogwarts where he learns about the wonders of the Magical world, Qudditch, three headed dogs and makes new friends named Ron and Hermione who together, unravel mysteries the of Hogwarts and save the magical world on the way.

One of the things that caught me by surprise with the book is how funny it was! I caught myself giggling away to it on multiple occasions. The story itself flowed with ease and I found myself completely hooked to the well known story all over again. I am astounded to how Rowling has created this entire world that I was engulfed in by the second chapter. Every name and every spell was aspiring. I loved the movies but after reading the novel itself. I have a new found respect and love for J.K Rowling. I cannot even bring myself to pick a favourite character as I love them all. I am half way through Chamber of Secrets and I am sitting at the edge of my seat as I read! Over all, I would happily say that this book will become another one of my comfort reads that I could go back to reading again and again and again.

I would recommend this book to any reader who loves a bit of magic.