3 ingredient pancake recipe

Spring time always puts me in a good mood. Something about the sunshine mixed with London’s cool city breeze. I’m lucky enough to live in the side of London that’s known for its copious amount of parks and woodlands so the air is particularly clear.

The one thing I’ve been trying to do as summer time is getting closer, is to try and lose some extra pounds I picked up during the Christmas holidays. (NO REGRETS!)

During this time, I’ve attempted to create my favourite recipes and make them into something a little less fatty or at least a little healthier if at all possible. One of my favourite finds is Banana fritters… without flour or milk!!! They’re like protein pancakes and they actually taste pretty damn good!


  • 2 Ripened bananas
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 1 Tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1 Tsp. Nutmeg
  • 1 Pinch of Salt
  • 1 Tbsp. Coconut Oil

(This should make you 4 to 5 small pancakes)

First, mash the bananas in a bowl until it looks like baby food. No lumps if you can be bothered to mash for that long but I kind of like the lumps of banana inside the pancake when it’s cooked. After mashing them up to the consistency of your liking, add the cinnamon, Nutmeg and salt then mix together.


Now heat a frying pan to medium heat and pop your tablespoon of Coconut oil into the pan and let it melt (if you have the solid one if you have the liquidated one then just let it heat up and spread it across the pan)

Now add the eggs to your mix (If you want to make it really healthy only add one yolk and then two egg whites.) and mix it all in until it is well combined.

Your pan should be hot by now do add a large spoonful of your mix to the greased pan and wait until the mixture rises and produces bubbles at the top until you flip it over to cook the other side. Your cooked side should be nice and brown. Each pancake should take one minute on each side.

Now for the fun part! After you’ve finished cooking your pancakes and I am sure that they look mouth wateringly good and now is the time to add some optional flavours to your breakfast. I usually go with some fruit like raspberries and bananas with a drizzle of maple syrup.bv

You can also choose chocolate syrup with banana bits, or perhaps the classic lemon and sugar (but that would not make it as healthy because of all of the sugar)

So however you decorate your pancakes, think healthy, think colourful and have fun!


George Condo’s “Psychological Cubism” exhibit review. 

George Condo was first recognized for his raw and emotionally triggering ink drawings back in the 1980’s. Since then, he has made a name for himself as an artist who refuses to stick to one signature style.

Condo’s work is being exhibited at London’s Tate Modern. Located on the 4th floor in the ‘Peter Norton Gallery’ room.

The first thing that catches your eye once you enter the room are the only two large frames that just tease a little bit of colour. Which contrasts with the black and white features within the rest of the exhibit that decorate the walls.

There is no doubt that Condo’s work has an emotional depth within the rest of the exhibit in his portraits. The artwork that stood out to me the most was his 1996 pastel and acrylic piece; ‘Outer Antipodes’. The portrait has a near, comical touch to its animalistic features and bright red nose but the longer you look at the painting, the monster distorted the image becomes. With nearly haunting features that look like something out of a nightmare. 

The exhibit is laid out as if it is Condo’s visual diary. His use of a canvas varies from a torn out piece of paper from a sketch book to a ‘comments’ paper taken from a hotel in Oxford. It’s as though Condo’s art is spontaneous and created within a single moment. Like it washes over him in an instant and he grabs the nearest canvas available. With such an inhibited artistic manner, it makes you wonder why all of his art expresses an emotional darkness. Perhaps, art is his way to release his inner demons?

Condo describes his style as “psychological Cubism – the way in which different aspects of identity, psychology and emotion can co-exist in a single, complex image”. I would highly reccomned visiting the Tate Modern one morning on a weekday and explore the depths of Condo’s mind portrayed through his extraordinary range of artwork. Encompassing both figuration and abstraction.

My Experience with Boo Tea Teatox.

Teatox craze has been all over my twitter feed and Instagram adverts lately. I don’t know if its because its the new year and people are trying out new ways of losing weight and getting healthier, but I got the sense that I needed to review this new product that has caught the worlds attention.

I was lucky to catch the 14 day Boo Tea teatox whilst it was on the all famous Holland & Barrett ‘Buy one and get the other for a penny ‘sale. With the new year and the ‘new me’ vibe going on, I decided there was no harm in giving it a go. So I bought two packs of the teatox box for £24.99 for one box (because of the Penny deal I got them both for £25.00) Instead of the over all 30 day teatox because I’m a sucker for a sale and it looked like they were both identical except for the amount of teabags they gave you and the price was extremely different with the 30 day teatox coming to approximately £35.00.

First impression: 

The packaging is simple yet sweet. The colours really bring you in and give you the sense of  healthiness and a hint of girly with some light pinks. When I opened the packaging, I don’t know what I was expecting but I guess the box is for show. I found the content a little bit of an anticlimax. Because of the big box and the price that came with it, I expected some content inside like a booklet on what to do whilst on the teatox to really get a good outcome from this teatox but all it gave you was two simple packages labeled: Daytime and the other, Nighttime.

The package clearly states that you should take the daytime tea every morning and the night time tea once every other night before bed. Simple instructions and overall not too complicated to do and not too hard to forget.

Taste review: 

The morning tea, I found kind of light and fruity. Don’t really expect too much taste wise. It just tastes like a herbal light tea. Not a lot of flavour to it but to be honest, that didn’t really bother me. But I do know that they provide a lot of different flavours that you can order online on their website so if you’re a little more pickier than me on tasteful teas in the morning, I’d suggest to check them out.

The evening tea is actually a lot more flavoursome than the morning one. It has a really soothing taste and I definitely feel like i’m ready for bed after each one. Honestly guys, if you try this teatox just make sure you’re snug on the sofa with a blanket or wrapped up in bed when you drink this, its a really calming tea that just relaxes your entire body and gets you super ready for bed.


2 Days in: 

I honestly haven’t felt much of a change in the way I feel. I still feel like its a little too soon to tell so I’m still feeling optimistic about the outcome of the teatox.

1 week in: 

Energy wise, I feel awake in the mornings after my morning tea brew however, I’m feeling sort of bloated and uncomfortable more than anything. I get the feeling its because its the ‘laxative free’ detox box, which I didn’t realise until five days in and I get the feeling that this sort of cancels out the whole reason why I’m doing a detox in the first place. How can I feel ‘detoxified’ if they stop the laxative effect?

12 days in:

Okay, the ‘no laxative effect’ has still take its toll and I feel horribly blocked up and bloated. Honestly, Today, I felt tempted to give in but since there was only two days left i decided to stay strong and power through the last two days. Its stopped becoming a chore and it felt like part of my routine now, I wake up, go downstairs and out the kettle on etc.. Its become a nice little routine in the mornings.

Final thoughts of overall effect: 

I’m not going to lie, I’m rather disappointed in this over all effect. I lost 4 pounds whilst on the teatox but I’m pretty sure that was mostly thanks to my diet and exercise routine that I was doing. If anything, this teatox just made me a little bit constipated. Now the original and recommended product is the one with the laxative effect in it. So I think I’m going to give it one last try and go to my nearest Holland and Barrett and exchange my second box for the box that actually does have the laxative effect. I would say that the product does give you a nice amount of energy and the night time teas make you all warm and ready for a good nights sleep. The taste was lovely and the packaging is attractive but the effect was just a bit of an anti climax. Maybe my expectations were too high…

overall, I’d definitely recommend people to try this teatox but probably try the one with the laxative effect on it as I think you’re more likely to get a more positive outcome in the end.

What I did to support the teatox Diet and exercise wise: 

I knew that the teatox needed some help to actually get me to see any effects of the teatox. So to help any of you do the same I have listed out the things I ate during these 30 days as well as the type of exercise I did as well as the intensity and length. I really hope this helps and feel free to do this yourself with your teatox. It helped me and i hope it can help you too.


Please note that I am not a nutritionist and I am not professionally trained to tell people what to eat and what is good for you. Please consult a doctor before attempting to try out new diets as well as tying out a teatox. We’re all special and our body is our temple and each temple needs different care. 

The one thing I aimed to do when it comes to losing weight, I needed to cut out a massive percentage of my carbohydrates as well as fatty sugary snacks that I loved ever so much. bye bye chocolate… bye bye popcorn.. Bye english tea with three sugars…

So I went cold turkey around a week before the teatox, the first week is always the hardest. My body was so used to the sugar that I did get a lot of headaches and my mood changed a little and I was particularly grumpy. But nothing too difficult that made me cheat.

List of food I ate for breakfast:

  • Scrambled eggs (2 large eggs) with Quorn Sausages and Boo Tea.
  • Protein Porridge with Honey and Boo tea
  • 1 Cup of grapes and 1 cup of blueberries and 1 poached egg and Boo Tea

Or if I was in a massive hurry, I’d grab an apple and a Belvita breakfast bar (only 2 biscuits out of the 4 you get in each packet) and of course, a quick cup of Boo Tea.


Lunch was a key meal for my diet. I tried it to be my biggest meal of the day so I would be full by the evening time so I could just have a small dinner. I made sure to try and hit all the food groups as much as I can yet still be able to go out and eat with my friends. I just planned out that wherever I went, I would go for the healthy option with lots greens and protein and the dressing on the side.

Green leafy salad with grilled chicken

Green leafy salad with steamed veggies and Salmon

Literally anything with protein and a lot of vegetables and tried to stay away from anything that was fried/deep-fried or considered too sugary/ fatty.


I tried to stay away from anything too heavy in carbs in the evening, If i were to have any rice or pasta etc, I would aim to eat it for lunch and then have a lighter dinner like a leafy green colourful salad with peppers and cucumber and hummus etc. Or maybe a tasty homemade soup like tomato soup or lentil and sweet potato soup or maybe even chicken soup. I’ve discovered my love of soup whilst being on this detox.

Snack wise:  Always go for things that are low in sugar like cucumber or carrot sticks with hummus. Or fruit like an apple or banana or an orange. Or even if you’re feeling for something that feels like a cheat snack, get a small packet of ‘skinny popcorn’. With only 115 calories per packet, it makes you feel pretty satisfied. But I wouldn’t suggest doing it everyday as it still has a lot of sugar (or salt if you prefer salted popcorn- blegh)



Try and get off the bus a stop earlier than planned, or maybe get off a station before. Walk to the station instead of taking the bus.

Tak the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator.

When I went to the gym, I did ate last 30 minutes of cardio, weather that was on the treadmill, walking uphill at a decently high walking pace for 30 minutes. Or I would do 5 minutes of jogging then 5 minutes of speed walking on and off for 30 minutes. Then after that, I would go to the weights room and work different muscles each day.

I would recommend getting an app that shows you all the different types of work outs you can do in the gym and ladies, don’t shy away from the weights room! It’s where you’ll get the best outcome in the end.



Londoners get the opportunity to experience a Japanese Christmas Market.

Hyper Japan, a Christmas market that celebrates the Japanese culture in the Tobacco docks in London was back this November for its 6th year running.

With so much to do, Londoners get the opportunity to shop authentic Japanese merchandise, eat Japanese food as well as get the opportunity to meet their Japanese idols.

Continue reading

My experience eating in Thailand.

If  you’d have said to me that I would eat fish off the bone that had a face one month ago, I would probably had gagged a little and then laughed at you. Or that I would have trusted the meat that came out of a kitchen that looked dirtier than a public toilet. But there is something about me that I have noticed a change in already and that is my new taste for different things. There would have been times when I wouldn’t have dared even touch a fork that had a spot of dirt on it. But if travelling has yet to teach me anything its that if you’d like to eat- you have to lower your standards of hygene expectations. Continue reading

Just a thought…

Do we want to get married or do we all just want a wedding? 

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.13.49

When I was little I used to take my bedsheets off and pretend I had a big white wedding gown on and stare at myself in the mirror, I also had the habit of sketching what my dress would look like as I didn’t want my gown to be “Off the rack”. A quote I had heard from an episode of ‘F.r.i.e.n.d.s.’

A few weeks ago I found all of these sketches, cut outs and ripped pages straight out of magazines. I’d planned my entire wedding at the age of ten! The one thing that I noticed immediately that bothered me was the fact that not one word written in this scrap book mentioned the husband?!

It was cut outs of flowers to choose from and venues and honey moon spots. Pages from magazines frantically ripped out and sprawled across the pages with Pritt stick glue and illegible handwriting scribbled all over the place.


It made me think…

Do I ever want to get married? Or has society embedded the image of the expectation of me, someday in a wedding dress into my brain that it has now become an unnecessary need in my life?

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.14.09


In my generation and in this day and age with advertisements showing perfect bodies and perfect examples of what society expects you to be or how you should look, left right and centre. It’s not a surprise that we all can self deprecate with such ease but when it comes to the opposite… we struggle.

I was asked by a colleague at work the other day…

“What’s your most favourite thing about yourself?”

And I didn’t know how to answer it. I didn’t want to say something about my looks as I didn’t want to come off as vein, but I also didn’t want to say something about a personality trait because I didn’t want to come off as self-involved so I came up with a simple: “I don’t know…. nothing I guess?” The person who asked the question in the first place just looked at me and replied “That’s sad…”

I realised later on that he was right, it is! It’s sad that I had to worry so much and complicate something so simple as a question as- what do I like about myself?

So you know what? Here’s my answer…

What I like about myself:

The fact that I have the ability to not care what other people think. Now this is something that I didn’t discover myself. I was told this.. When I was having a conversation with my partner. He mentioned to me that one of the good things about me was that I didn’t care what others thought about me. Now this came to a surprise to me as I had never noticed I had given off this sort of ‘care free’ vibe.

But it is true… When others would rock the latest fashions in school, I would cover my face in glitter and wear army trousers and a ripped t-shirt. Not because it was hip but because it was comfortable and it was the first thing I saw that I liked in my wardrobe. This may seem odd to many as something to like about myself but I am sort of proud of it. I like the fact that I can say things and like things and hate things that aren’t following the crowd. I like to be different, I like the fact that I’m utterly unordinary.

10648597_10154618519080302_3102692878881952540_oI think my belly could be more toned but, if I lost weight, I’d lose my bum which I think is my best feature. There!! I said it! So I don’t think I’ll ever have that flat tum that everyone raves about… because I like my bum too much. 😉

I like my big brown eyes and my very shapely eyebrows, my  thick eyelashes and my nostril shape. (I know thats an odd one but they’re shaped like little petals and I think its cute 🙂 )



Before I kick it! 

So I’ve started working at my grandfathers new bar… I quit my job working for Toyota and as a last minute resort, I got a job at The K.P.H in Ladbroke Grove. Three days in and I’ve already been benched! I had an argument with a customer who was being rude to me and I was having none of it (I think it was the zero fucks I give about this job that brought me to telling him to shut the fuck up when he spoke to me like I was a piece of poop on his shoe.) I could have been ruder than I was by telling him that he should stop judging others on their lives when he clearly has none of his own from my observation- this is his 8th night in a row at the same bar talking to the same locals- drinking the same Single shot of Jameson’s whisky from opening till closing. But… That’s none of my business. Anyway- I got a slap in the wrist because I pissed off a regular, I’ve now been put on guest list duty. Which consists of sitting down at a desk at the bottom of the stairs as I wait for people in a private party to arrive. So far… Zero people have showed up, including the birthday boy. So in this time I thought I’d take the opportunity to think about what I’d like to do with my life before I die- and make sure I don’t become a dried up prune prick at a local bar tormenting the staff because they did nothing good in their life…so here it is!! My bucket list in no particular order….

  • Go to Tokyo
  • Move and live in another country for Atleast a year
  • Sky dive
  • Scuba dive at a ship wreck
  • Be fluent in BSL (British Sign language)
  • Become fluent in Japanese
  • Learn Short Hand
  • Take Archery lessons
  • Do a course to become a Yoga instructor
  • Finish writing my Book
  • Become published
  • Get a degree in something I am passionate about (like creative writing?)
  • Sell a homemade embroidery piece
  •  Visit Rome
  • Sing in front of a crowd on stage (not karaoke)
  • See an underwater museum
  • Travel South East Asia
  • Host a dinner party (and not poison anyone in the process..)
  • Start a Vlog site