Guardians of the Galaxy Film review

Guardians of the galaxy Vol 2 film review

By Poppy Power 07.05.2017

Marvels new superhero movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was released in theatres this May. It has whit, action, and funny jokes throughout the film… just like Vol 1.

With the added retro playlist… like Vol 1. It appears Marvel is aiming to attract a wider audience of not only the younger generation but also the generation where it’s old school songs originated as well as it’s tongue in cheek jokes… just like Vol 1. James Gunn (the writer/ director), has taken the first film, cloned it, added new witty one liners and then introduced the main character to have some daddy issues.

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Londoners get the opportunity to experience a Japanese Christmas Market.

Hyper Japan, a Christmas market that celebrates the Japanese culture in the Tobacco docks in London was back this November for its 6th year running.

With so much to do, Londoners get the opportunity to shop authentic Japanese merchandise, eat Japanese food as well as get the opportunity to meet their Japanese idols.

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