Inamo Camden town

Inamo restaurant review. Camden Town.

Ten strides from the Mornington crescent tube station, you’ll find the newly

opened restaurant in Camden Town where the high-tech touch, keeps up with inamo’s high quality food.

Greeted by its sleek exterior, it’s made obvious that Inamo is a new build. With its high ceilings and clean, white, concrete facade, it looks like something you would find on the high end of Chelsea and not on the corner of Camden Town, opposite a 110 year old tube station. As you walk through the tall gates you are surrounded by a sea of bamboo with an al fresco dining area, provided with heat lamps to keep anyone brave enough to sit outside warm as they endure the brisk wind that was alive that evening. As you enter the restaurant, opening the tallest glass door you will ever encounter, the white exterior is replaced with black ceilings and dark floors; low lighting as shadows are punctuated by white table tops each with a digital projector beaming down from above. Each projection different from the other it felt as if that giant glass door was a portal and I had left the hustle and bustle of Camden town and had arrived in the centre of Tokyo Japan.

Camden is the third branch opened, as Inamo expands from starting eight years ago with one restaurant based in Soho. It was the first restaurant in the UK to combine interactive technology with dining. Combining the Asian cuisine with classic street food to produce a mouth-wateringly wide selection of dishes.

The moment you arrive, you are greeted by a host with an ear piece who will take your reservation name and then take you to your table. It’s probably the only restaurant where people don’t want the table next to the window, as the glare will affect your visual on the touch screens and I’m afraid it will also bring me back to the reality that I am in London and not in some swanky restaurant in Tokyo.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade, you will know that we are living in a digital age. A place where your calculator, camera, calendar, encyclopaedia, maps, dictionary and phone is all in one small smart device. Inamo restaurant is at the forefront of tech-savvy food with a quirky new way of interacting with their customer’s through not interacting with them at all! With a touch screen technology that is at each table, you pick your food, click ‘order’ and a server brings you your food and then leaves. If you need a drink? No need to attempt to make eye contact with a busy waiter, just a few taps on the touch screen, ‘order drink’ and voila!

With it’s beautiful interior, I was looking forward to tasting the food and it did not disappoint. The steak tar tar was the first to arrive, with its delicately thin sliced pieces, the meat melts in your mouth. Chicken dumplings were next on the order, with a touch of sourness to the sauce, complimented the salty gyoza and fresh flavour with the mixed herbs inside the dumpling. Our main took longer than expected but once it had arrived, all was forgiven. The teriyaki sauce tingles the taste buds as the charcoaled chicken tenders and fresh garlic with spring onion crunch in your mouth. I had high expectations and the restaurant exceeded them.

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