A Court of Mist and Fury, By Sarah J. Maas Book Review


A Court of Mist and Fury, By Sarah J. Maar.

four-stars_02                                                                     Let me just clarify now, if you plan on reading this series. Do not read this review as there is no way of talking about this book without ruining something. So you have been warned. And if you haven’t read the series please do because oh-my-god. 

After rescuing Tamlin from the wicked fairy queen, she returns to the Spring court possessing the powers and immortality as a High Fae. But Freyre cannot forget her terrible deeds she performed under the mountain to get the man she loved back, nor can she forget about the bargain she made with the High Lord of the night court, Rhysand. But as her life as a human ended, Freyre has realised that she no longer wants the same things. She no longer wants to be a damsel in distress , she wants to be useful and help Tamlin rebuild what was broken. But will this bring them to the edge when Tamlin demands she never leave the house and is constantly watched. She can feel the walls closing in and only the one week a month through her bargain with Rhysand seems to be the only freedom she now has.

I am writing this five minutes after reading the book. Okay, so if you’re a regular reader of my book reviews, you will know that I actually did not want to read this book. The first book of this series I rated as a 2 star story. Which is pretty low for me as I’m usually overly generous with my stars. I should really re evaluate my rating system… besides the point. I am so glad that I stayed on to read the second book because everything that I wanted to happen, happened. It’s like I could see all the small hints and foreshadowing that Maar had placed in her first book. I knew I didn’t like Tamlin!!!! I knew it!!! I started reading the first chapters and got the feel of the characters and the fact that Tamlin had turned into a worse person than he was in the first one, I high fived myself and did a little dance. He’s become possessive (saw that coming), aggressive (saw that coming too) and short tempered (yup!).

Now with the introduction in the first book of Rhysand, he was portrayed as an evil person who is the hand and whore of the evil Amarantha. However, when he saved her from the edge of death as well as only touched her waist when they danced and no where else. It was as though, there was a light at the end of his very dark and very deep tunnel. Sarah… you have made the perfect man. I mean he’s almost sickeningly perfect but you have done it none the less. I fell for his character almost immediately. Their love, their notes to one another, their passion. I mean- their passionate moments would get anyone hot under the collar. I genuinely felt uncomfortable reading some parts in public. Honestly, she has outdone herself and I almost take back every negative thing I wrong about this series. This book has just MADE it for me. And I’m so excited to read the third.




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