Everything Everything, By Nicola Yoon.


Everything Everything, By Nicola Yoon.


I read this book from page to page in one day during my holiday in Spain. I took two books thinking that would be enough and I finished them both within a space of the flight there and then my first day sunbathing. I loved this book. The cute little diary illustrations and drawings really gave it an unique effect. It was so easy to read. I breezed through this book. Yoon’s writing style is so up my street. It was funny, sweet and just filled with love and the sexual tension!! Yeesh! Everything about it just made me swoon and just fall back in love with love stories. 

This book has become an instant fave and have even gone as far as buying the book again to give to my friend as a birthday gift. I just wanted to share Yoon’s wonderful work with the world and my nearest and dearest.

This book is about a girl named Maddie who has a rare condition which leaves her unable to go outside. She is trapped in her house with only the companionship of her nurse and her mother. Her life has a routine and a schedule and all goes according to plan until one day, a moving truck drives into the next door house. A young boy with short hair and everything he wears is black. Black t-shirt, black jeans… When Maddie stares through her locked window at the new boy next door, he catches her eyes and stares right back. Right then, she knew, she knew that we was going to fall in love with him. And it was going to be beautiful and it was going to be a disaster.

Yoon’s ability to have the story flow and have a good balance with light hardheartedness and serious matters. You really feel as though you’re reading through the eyes of Maddie. I see her and she is beautiful. One part that also made me love the story even more was the interracial aspect of it. And the fact that it was not once mentioned. FINALLY! A love story between two PEOPLE. Not one black person and one white person and the ‘struggles they face’ due to race or culture differences or whatever. It was just so damn refreshing to finally have a love story between two people not have skin colour differences even mentioned within the story.

Overall, this is a wonderful debut story and I cannot wait to see what else Yoon has in store for us. Romantic, sad and funny all in one bundle of paper joy.

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