The Gender Lies By Bella Forrest Book Review

33020939._UY500_SS500_The Gender Lie. By Bella Forrest


After Violet discovers the secrets beneath the Green and is finally reunited with her lost brother, Violet now approaches a new challenge. Trust the woman who swiped her from deaths door? She has no reason not too and yet… there’s just a feeling. With Viggo’s life on the line, it’s time for her to join a new rebellion and work for the woman who saved her in hope of saving Viggo’s life (again).

Jam packed with suspension and writing that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat the whole way through. This book had a lot of making up to do for the second book and it delivered. Violets character development is really in motion, I’m finally starting to really like her. It’s as though she’s growing up! Viggo on the other hand, we discover a few more things in this book. The one that really stuck with me was Viggo’s ego.

I’m starting to really feel as though their relationship is about to have a huge test that’ll make or break them. So if you like action packed and adventure filled stories. This is the series for you. This book really made up for book two and I have high hopes for my growing Violet. I feel like a proud mum, watching my little girl grow up and mature!

There isn’t much I can say about this book without ruining it or giving away spoilers from here on so all I will say is. Yes very good and very happy.


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