Guardians of the Galaxy Film review

Guardians of the galaxy Vol 2 film review

By Poppy Power 07.05.2017

Marvels new superhero movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was released in theatres this May. It has whit, action, and funny jokes throughout the film… just like Vol 1.

With the added retro playlist… like Vol 1. It appears Marvel is aiming to attract a wider audience of not only the younger generation but also the generation where it’s old school songs originated as well as it’s tongue in cheek jokes… just like Vol 1. James Gunn (the writer/ director), has taken the first film, cloned it, added new witty one liners and then introduced the main character to have some daddy issues.

It’s always going to be difficult to replicate the success of such a high grossing film when the audience already knows what is going to happen. They know the character’s, so they know what to expect. The beauty of Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1) is that it had the element of surprise. Delivering a successful second film, you’re expected to replicate what the audience liked about the first film and do it again. So, what made the first film so special to you? The jukebox playlist, Chris Pratt’s abs? Or maybe the endearing tree character, Groot with his one line voiced by Vin Deasil? Perhaps it was the bad mouthed, gunslinging racoon who touched your heart? Take all the best parts from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 and then inject a large dose of steroids and voila! You got yourself a movie with a box office profit of $140 million!


I am not saying it doesn’t have its funny moments because it does. However, in all due respect, the film feels a little strained. The writing feels forced as if Marvel had picked Gunn up and twisted him like a wash cloth until the script just fell out. It’s tough having that pressure weighed down by corporate expectations and for a while, Gunn does a pretty good job of keeping the whole thing reasonably entertaining. starting with an opener that winks at the audience with explosions and slapstick jokes.


The movie begins with the Galaxy gang getting ready to face a cosmic octopus monster. The main character is played by Chris Prat (Passengers). The rugged, intergalactic adrenaline junkie Peter Quill, also known as ‘Starlord’. Quill was abducted from earth when he was a boy after his mum died of cancer. A classic start of any good superhero movie, one or both of their parents must die.

As the gang group, together to face the ‘Octo monster’. The all promised jukebox classics start blazing through the speakers as the camera follows baby Groot whilst he carelessly dances round as his fellow team mates fight the monster. With stunning (CGI) and creative alien characters it grips you. But alas, my excitement deflated as the slapstick jokes became cringe worthy and the storyline got predictable and almost sloppy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 certainly has its attractions, but most of them are visual.

The film was overall an anti-climax for my high expectations however, what it lacks in the narrative sense, it makes up for in sci-fi action and awesome CGI with a lot of laugh out loud moments. There’s plenty to enjoy here, whether it’s the perfectly deployed Baby Groot scenes, or Mantis who is played by Pom Klementieff and her character’s adorable obliviousness to the social norm. It’s easy to overlook the strained narrative with everything else that’s going on in the movie.

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