His touch was so cold, yet my skin was on fire. I felt his icy hand stroke up my arm, towards my neck. His nose followed the trail of his fingertips, taking in my scent. I was frozen on the spot, unable to move as his lips caressed my jaw line then back down to my neck. He was teasing me, knowing that I knew what he was. How could I have been so stupid?! He was unconditionally beautiful, pale, and out at night. That should have been enough for me to stay away from him. But his smile seemed genuine as he helped pick up the shopping that had scattered across the frosty night’s floor.

“Let me help you.” He had said as he bent down and picked up a pile of things and handed them to me. He’d come from no where, that should have been another hint towards guessing what he was. I’m such a fool.

His breath was heavy now. I knew it was coming to an end, my blood was becoming unbearable to resist any longer. His cold breath sent shivers through me as he held me, one hand stretching out my neck.

I was shaking profusely but his grip never loosened around my waist, clinging me against his chest. He breathed in my scent once again. “You smell divine.” He praised. I twitched away from his mouth that was coming closer to my neck.

“Your afraid of me.” His heartless voice whispered against my throat. My breaths were un even as I attempted to speak.

“Are you surprised?” I spat in a shaky voice. He huffed a short laugh as he spoke again.

“Don’t be afraid, you’ll enjoy it for a short while.” I felt a small flick of his tongue up the side of my neck- moistening my skin. I anticipated fearfully for his teeth to touch. His lips then hovered over my vein that snaked up my neck. His breath was suddenly hot, I then felt a prick of pain as his fangs injected into my skin. A rush of terror and pleasure rushed through me, overwhelming my sense of right and wrong. I knew that he was going to kill me but… I liked it.

The sensation instantaneously stopped. I dropped to the floor, hitting my head against the bricked wall. A loud roar of passion erupted from above me. I looked, I wished I hadn’t. His eyes craved me, glowing a silvery blue in the darkness. His back was arched, towering over me. Filling my veins with fear. Suddenly, his face was centimeters away from mine. I jumped from his unnatural speed- staring at his face.

His lips were a dark red, stained with my blood. A small drip trickled down the side of his mouth which he caught with his tongue. His lips curved into a cynical smile, his eyes hungry as he looked from my stare back to my neck over and over as he spoke.

“What are you?”

“I-I’m human.” I stuttered as I began to cry.

“No. Your more than that, I can taste it.” He said as he stroked his finger to catch a tear.

“Please.” I begged as I gripped onto my neck, His hands were over my mouth before I could take another breath to finish my sentence.

“Shh” He hissed slowly, as if he were taunting me. “I’m not going to kill you…” He looked at the blood that had now trickled down my wrist. “…Yet.” He smirked as if he were saying a funny joke. “You are something I have never come across before. In all the years I have lived… You are the first I have spared. You should be flattered.” He stood up, lifting my chin with two fingers, forcing me to look into his silver eyes. The moon had hit its peaking moment, glowing bright enough for me to see his face. His black hair was the length of his chin, combed back. I couldn’t think of another word to describe his face other than terrifyingly beautiful. I was surprised to notice how young he looked, he must have been only 18, when he was turned. But one thing caught my eye. A thin, copper shaded chain that hung around his neck. At the end of the chain held a silver snake that had wrapped its body around a spherical, orange stone that seemed to glow slightly.

He licked his lips once more and breathed in through his nose. “We will meet again.”

Then he was gone. Leaving me to bleed in a dark alley in the middle of the night- I was too traumatized to move. In shock, in awe. No one. In the history of Vampires existence. Had a human, ever been bitten… and lived to tell the tale.




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