The Gender Game By Bella Forrest Book Review


31131467The Gender Game 

By Bella Forrest 

The Gender Game is Book one of the gripping Gender Game book series. In a world where Men and Women are separated into two countries, one ruled by women, the other by men, Matrus and Patrus.  When Violet’s beloved younger brother is taken away from her because of his lack of rights in Matrus as a boy, Violet spends 8 years in different detention facilities in an attempt to make her once again eligible to rejoin society after she is arrested for attempting to smuggle her little brother out of the country to keep him from getting taken away. 

With no family and no friends, Violet becomes closed up and angry. Her anger coming in bursts that are in danger of taking over. But when her anger takes it too far, she is swept away by the government and is forced to go undercover and is sent to conduct a dangerous task of retrieving a silver egg that was stolen from them. With the risk of getting caught, Violet agrees to go through with it on one condition. If she succeeds, she gets to see her brother.

This book is an adrenaline rushed, interesting and passionate story. I couldn’t put it down and actually managed to finish it in one day and considering I really should have been writing up my essay that is due in two weeks, it means it’s a good one. I’ve always enjoyed Forrest’s style of writing and I know that she can do romance really well considering her amazing chemistry and romance in her Shade of Vampire book series which I highly recommend reading to anyone who loved Twilight. But I must admit that it was lacking, which I guess is a ploy to make you read the second one. I do feel like there should have been more moments within the book to really grip the reader and build up that foundation for us to love the two character’s together. But honestly, you only get one moment in the whole book. I’ll be it, that one moment is very well written and had me squealing for joy, but I did wish there had been more depth made towards the two character’s connection. I felt like it was nothing, nothing, nothing OH- They’re in love?

The action and the story itself is really interesting and has a great idea behind it with the idea of the tow genders separated living different lives and laws. I really think this book would make a great movie (You heard it here first). Violet is a strong and likable character with some possible character development in the mists that I hope to see in the second book. With her age and level of experience in the real world, I do hope she stops making the same mistakes over and over again like she did in this one. I understand that she was supposed to be “rebellious” but there’s rebellious and the there’s just plain stupid. Over all I really enjoyed reading this book and it left me at the edge of my seat, anxious to get to the next book immediately. The story line is original. The world is like the Hunger games meets Divergent. Anyone who enjoyed Suzanne Collins book’s will surely love this.

Over all, I am looking forward to reading the second book in hope of character development within the main character and a lot more romance. Expect plot twists around every corner and to make sure to clear your schedule for this one, because you’re not going to want to put this book down.


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