The Gender Secret. By Bella Forrest Book review.


The Gender Secret

By Bella Forrest 

Book two of the adrenaline packed book series about Violet Bates and her torturous struggle on trying to reunite with her little brother. I actually preferred this book romance wise a lot more than the first one. Because as you all may know by now, I love a book with a good romantic line. But I also loved how Forrest made the book flow and did not circle the new romance as the main plot of the story. This book was sort of a bridge to get to the third book. We need to know all of this information as it must be important for the next part of the series, so it can get a bit dragged near the end but pay attention, I’m sure it was all important. Now I did have a few things that I did not like about this second book but I am willing to look past on just because the story is so damn good but I will mention it in the review.

Violet Bates. Once seen as a misunderstood character who is in need of character development has now changed in my eyes as a little bit naive and oblivious when it comes to priorities. There were moments when she was thinking about herself or her love life when there was literally a person bleeding out right next to her. Then she would acknowledge that the said person was dying and then STILL not do anything about it!!?? It was just a little  frustrating- throw the book across the room kind of frustrating when you know that the character has all the ingredients to be a good person but she sort of lacks the common sense to do the right thing when it is so badly needed. I really do hope that Forrest helps Violet become a better person as the book continues because I don’t know how many times more I can look past her lack of empathy. Violet goes through the wars in this book, poor thing. Just when you think she’s in the clear for a minute another thing goes wrong, then another thing, then another. After the fifth thing in a row and poor girl hasn’t slept in literally days I was physically exhausted reading it. I felt so damn sorry for her and how much she’s had to go through. I mean god damn it Bella Forrest! Give the girl a break!

I am still thoroughly enjoying this series and really do encourage anyone who has read the first book to keep on going with this series. I’m really looking forward to the story and the exciting things that are bound to happen in the next book. With an introduction of a new character in the end who is bound to bring in a few plot twists of their own!

The Gender Game By Bella Forrest Book Review


31131467The Gender Game 

By Bella Forrest 

The Gender Game is Book one of the gripping Gender Game book series. In a world where Men and Women are separated into two countries, one ruled by women, the other by men, Matrus and Patrus.  When Violet’s beloved younger brother is taken away from her because of his lack of rights in Matrus as a boy, Violet spends 8 years in different detention facilities in an attempt to make her once again eligible to rejoin society after she is arrested for attempting to smuggle her little brother out of the country to keep him from getting taken away.  Continue reading