Book review: Graceling By Kristin Cashore

Book review of Graceling By Kristin Cashore           three-stars_0


Katsa is Graced. A Grace is a power that is given at birth to a rare few. A grace can be a manner of abilities, you can be graced with cooking or swimming, maybe even singing. But Katsa is graced with killing. Feared by many and used as a royal assassin for her King uncle. Katsa fights with her inner demons as she learns more about her grace and the depth it goes to. Her life seems to be going in circles, doing the kings dirty deeds before she meets Po. A handsome young man who is graced with combat. Together they travel across the world to discover treachery and undercover lies that have spread across lands and seas. They intend to seek the truth, but at what cost?

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Londoners get the opportunity to experience a Japanese Christmas Market.

Hyper Japan, a Christmas market that celebrates the Japanese culture in the Tobacco docks in London was back this November for its 6th year running.

With so much to do, Londoners get the opportunity to shop authentic Japanese merchandise, eat Japanese food as well as get the opportunity to meet their Japanese idols.

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