A couple of things I wish I’d known or brought before travelling.. 

Here are a few things I wish I’d known before traveling Asia Solo. . .

Don’t always assume the taxi driver knows where you want to go. (Best way to avoid this is to get data roaming so you can use GPS or even use wifi in the airport or the hostels or hotel before getting the taxi to work out where you’re supposed to be going using a map! Then screen shot the map so you have something to show to the driver.) 

A smart phone will go a long way and will save your arse more times than I’d like to admit to. (I have no idea how people managed to have a smooth travel experience before smart phones. How did you book your last minute cheap flights? Or book hostels? or find your way when you get lost?! To anyone who travels without a smart phone… kudos.)

Always try to learn small bit of the language of the country you go to. Like “Do you speak english?” As a priority. You’d be surprised to how far that will take you.

Make photo copies of your passport, drivers license, National insurance card number or any important information that you may need to have a copy of if you lose it.

Make sure you give a parent or close friend a copy of your travel insurance details as you will lose your copy whilst you’re away and if something does happen, it makes it a lot easier if your friend can just fax them to you or even e-mail you a PDF.

Whatever you’ve packed.. half it. You don’t need a lot- trust me on this. You’re carrying everything you bring. And half an hour into an hour’s walk to the next village may make you wish you hadn’t brought that third paid or trousers.

Don’t be afraid to be selfish. The benefit of travelling alone if that you get to do whatever you want to do. You don’t have to ask anyone else what they think or what they want to do. Want to get up i the morning for a 6am hike? Great! do it. You wanna sleep in for three days in a cheap hostel- do it.

Don’t be afraid to take a break form your holiday. I was travelling for months and there comes a point when you get tired of moving around from place to place and you may just want to take a break. Stay in a cheap hostel near a pool and just veg out inform of the pool for a while. Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you have to be on the move constantly. Sometimes you need a holiday from your holiday.

Learn how to detach yourself from your social media addiction. (I know you have one.) As much as you want to check up on what people are up to at home and as much as you want to post that picture of the seventh beach picture you’ve posted that day.. just try to unplug for a few days. Take in your surroundings and enjoy where you are for a while. You can always post the photos

You don’t have to squeeze everything in to your trip. The country is still going to be there when you leave. It will still be there next year for you to have more time to save up and go again. Take your time. Enjoy where you are and if you don’t catch everything you wanted to do, then just look forward to the next time you get to come back to see all the things you missed.

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