I was sitting in a coffee shop and just had an idea to write a scenario where there was a ‘scene’ re written in three different peoples perspective. Its an ironic short about crushes and coffee.

let me know what you think! 🙂

1: CLARA. 

-Oh my god there he is!

I can do this. Just act natural.

“Hi there, welcome back!” I smiled my biggest smile as the regular 8.15am walked in. His blue suit screamed ‘I mean business’ but his face whispered ‘I’m sensitive once you get to know me.’

“black coffee please, w-”

“With sugar?” I finished. “Warm milk on the side?”

He smiled. “Am I that predictable?”

“Well.. you have ordered the same coffee for three months now- not that I’ve been counting- or er… anything. I er- w-w-would you like this toasted?” Shit. I stuttered as I reached my hand out to take the sandwich. Just great… now I look like I’ve been counting.

I turned my back to him as I placed his sandwich into the toaster. Bowing my head in shame. Yet again, another day making a fool of myself in front of him. At least I have managed to keep my clothes stain free before he arrived this time. I even did my hair up differently, hoping he’d notice the change. Maybe give him a chance to start a conversation with me…

“Excuse me, Clara?” An unfamiliar voice called my name from behind me. I turned and saw the moustached gentleman who I was serving before 8.15 walked in. Shit. I’d forgotten his cookie.

“Oh! I’m sorry sir!” I blurted out as I fumbled my hand into a plastic glove to grab his cookie. I paused for a moment wondering how he’d known my name then internally kicked myself as I remembered that I wore a bloody name badge.

“Here you are- sorry about the wait.” I apologised quickly before he could complain and then went back to the toaster to give to 8.15. The cherry on top of my forgetfulness in front of him.

Hey by the way, I’ve been counting the days you’ve come in here- oh, and did I mention? I’m an air head, if you hadn’t noticed already.

“Here you go!” I said as I gave 8.15 his sandwich and then handed him his coffee. He looked up from his phone and took them off my hands, I could have sworn that his hand that touched my fingers had lingered as he looked at me in the eyes and said “Thank you-” His eyes then darted to my name badge. “Clara.”

“You’re welcome.” I swooned. He’d said my name. “Have a nice day now!” I said as I smiled. Expecting him to turn away to his seat at the sofa.. but he just stood there looking at me.

Was this it? Had he finally noticed that there was an undeniable attraction between us? Was he about to ask me out. 8.15 Placed the coffee and sandwich on the counter and reached into his pocket.

He was going to give me his business card! How much time is an acceptable time to leave it until you’re supposed to call someone? Was is three hours or a day? Or was it three days? Oh who cares! He was finally going to-

“Will £5 cover it?” He asked, handing me a crumpled note.



2: 8.15

“You’re an arsehole! I can’t believe I fell for it.” The usual profanities for a friday morning. Going out the night before, telling some girl how sexy and cute she is. The usual bullshit to get her back to my place. Then the sun rises, The morning light hits her face and so does the reality as I wake her up at 7am asking her to leave so I can get ready for work.

I won’t call her again and probably won’t see her again and usually, their ego just can’t take it.

I was replaying the conversation I’d had with her in her head as I walked into the coffee shop five minutes from work. My phone buzzed as I walked up to the counter and picked up a sausage sandwich. It had taken so long to get… Sarah? Susan? Sally?- Whatever her name was, out of the house that I hadn’t had time to make myself breakfast. Sausage sandwich will have to do me for the morning.

Consider it a treat to myself rather than the usual poached egg and brown toast-

“Hi there! Welcome back!” I looked up to see the barista beam at me. Her hair was different today. Not the usual scrunched up messy bun. It looked like she’d made an effort.

“black coffee please, w-”

“With sugar?” She interrupted. “Warm milk on the side?”

Hm. . . “Am I that predictable?” I asked with an awkward smile.

“Well.. you have ordered the same coffee for three months now- not that I’ve been counting- or er… anything. I er-” I regretted asking the question. Bless her heart, she looks even more pathetic than usual when she starts rambling. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, it’s not her fault she’s not my type. She was pretty, no doubt about that! But I prefer more curvaceous girls with a little more of a tan to them.

My phone buzzed again, who would be texting me at this hour?

I took out my phone and swiped it open. I didn’t recognise the phone number.

Don’t think about calling me again. Delete my number. 

Now that could be a number of people but I assumed it was… Serena? Cindy?-

“Here you go!” The barista handed me my coffee and sandwich- Beth!! That was her name. God damn it, Bethany… Something. Where did I even get ‘Sally’ from? 

“Thank you…” I said automatically. She looked at me with hopeful eyes, I looked down to her name badge to make her feel special. “Clara.”



“Good morning, how’re you today?” I said as I walked into the shop. I was one of the first people there that morning. I always tried to get there early so I had more time to talk to her before I had to get to work.

“Hi! I’m very well thank you. How’re you?” She said with her perfect smile. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a genuine smile to me or was she just being polite. That classic customer service smile.

“Yes, I-I’m great thank you. Just the usual please.” I said as I admired her beauty. She’d done her hair differently today. Half up half down, her fiery red hair was a lot longer than I first thought.

“Er… sorry. What is it that you have?” She asked awkwardly.

“Oh right, sorry. Cappuccino please…” It’s not like I’ve been coming in here every week day before work to speak to you or anything. And ordered the exact same thing every time. She then proceeded to make my coffee. C’mon man, say something to her.. anything!

“C-can I have a cookie as well please?”


“Of course!” She smiled.

“So er… how’s your day going so far?”

“Well it’s just started, but well- thanks!” She said again as she popped the lid onto my coffee cup. “That’ll be £3.00 all together please.”

My time was coming up. I needed to say something. Just ask her out. C’mon just do it! I hand her three pounds in perfect change.

“So… Clara. I was wondering-”

“Hi there! Welcome back!” I looked up at Clara to see her face light up with excitement. I turned around to see a tall man in a suit standing next to me.

Clara had never smiled at me like that…

Guess it was her customer service smile after all.



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