My experience at Kimmys Tailor in Hoi An 

I had two suits made for me in Hoi An, the famously known town to where backpackers go to get tailored clothes made for a fraction of the price. 

There are hundreds and I mean absolutely hundreds of tailors to choose from. What I would recommend when you’re looking for a tailors is to spend a day walking around, don’t agree to anything and don’t book with anyone, just have a wonder. Get to know your surroundings and have a look at the quality of the dresses that are found in front of every shop.


When booking into your hotel or hostel they might try and stamp something on your hand. Now I would recommend to let them do it but then rub it off before you go off exploring. The stamp is a notification to the local businesses that you’re new! They’re more likely to approach you with a “hello friend! How’re you?” But then later on convince you to come to their shop specifically and say that they’ll give you a ‘good price’ try not to get pulled into it. It’s not a scam as such but they will charge you a lot more than if you just find a tailors in your own accord.

I was lucky enough to meet some people in the town before I got to Hoi An who had recommended and already convinced me to good a specific tailors so I did not have this problem.

Kimmy’s tailors is known to be one of the highest rated (therefor more expensive than others) Tailors on trip advisor in Hoi An.

When you first walk in you’re greeted with smiling faces. They then sit you down with a complimentary bottle of water and then hand you an iPad which shows all of the examples of garments they can make for you. If none of them are up your street or exactly what you’re looking for, they also provide free wifi for you to google to your hearts content!

After you choose which garments you’d like to be made, you get assigned to a seamstress. (Who will be with you from start to finish)

The next bit is picking the fabric! They give you hundreds of fabrics to choose from. And the choice of what you want as the lining etc. Your seamstress will help with this as she would know what would work with what a lot better than you regarding stretchiness of fabric and compatibility to the garment you have asked for.

The final step to this day will be measurements. They’ll take you’re measurements and jot them all down in their notebook to refer back to when they’re making your clothes.

Your seamstress will then talk you through prices.


Haggle. Doesn’t matter if you’re in a fancy pants Tailor shop or you’ve chosen one that’s just down the road on the corner. Don’t accept the first price. You can negotiate every price. If they don’t seem to want to budge on the price then ask for a free shirt or a free tie. Or how about a discount if you’re going to get two?

After you’ve agreed to the price you’ll probably be asked to pay for a deposit. Or if you choose, you can pay for it all upfront. I wouldn’t recommend this. I would say pay the deposit and then pay the rest when you’re happy with your tailored garments.

You will then be booked in for a fitting the very next day. Be sure to get there on time too!

In this fitting you get to see the beginning of your garments- you can see the colour and the shape starting to take place but don’t judge too much yet! They’re most certainly not even close to finished yet. You won’t need to give much of an opinion in this fitting. You’re just their mannequin to see which bits need to be altered and which bits should be lengthened or shortened etc.

It’s day three that you’ll get to see the nearly finished product. This will be the day I would recommend to express your thoughts on the clothes. Let them know if something needs to be altered in anyway. Weather it be tighter or looser or shorter. Let her know! They’ll probably ask you to come back later on the same day to do a final fitting after all the alterations that you asked for.

In the final fitting your garments should be looking exactly how you want them! When you’re happy you can either have them packed up and posted to your home for a fee. Or you can have them given to you right there and then. Up to you!

I chose to get my clothes posted home so I won’t be able to post official pictures of the finished garments until I get home. 🙂

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