Sand dunes and Fairy Streams in Nha Trang 

After horribly burning myself on the exhaust pipe of a motorbike I was feeling rather sorry for myself and stayed put in Mui Ne for 6 days. It doesn’t sound like a long time but when theres nothing much to do but see sand dunes and beaches you can imagine the surprise of fellow travellers that I’d decided to stay there so long.

The main reason behind it was so that I wouldn’t risk getting my poor leg infected. As the last thing you want to happen whilst travelling is to have an infected wound. So I tended to my burn and spent most of my time sunbathing, reading and of course, writing.

It was only day 5 when I realised that I hadn’t ventured out of the hostel grounds in three days that I decided to book myself a tour.

The day tour consisted of a coach to the White sand dunes, a tour guide and then another coach from the White sand dunes to the Red sand dunes, then back up to the main road where we were taken to the fishing beaches and then straight afterwards, we were taken to a little tour up a stream that was famously called the Fairy Stream. All of this for the equivalent to £9 for the whole day. (Lunch not included) With a bargain like this, I was bound to have a good day.


The White Sand dunes was without a doubt my favourite. We woke up at 4 and left at 4:30am to catch the sun rise. I would recommend taking flip flops on this tour as you will be taking your shoes on and off throughout the day.

We were then dropped off at the entrance to the White Sand dunes and given an hour to venture around and watch the sun rise. We all rushed up the thick sand to catch the stunning sun rise at the top of the sand hills. Mind you that walking on sand is not an easy task and cannot be done quickly. Your feet sink and your glutes start to burn so make sure you give yourself enough time if you want to catch the sunrise. But aching legs aside, its all worth it once you reach the top.

I reached the top just in time to see the sun rise above the dunes. The sky was orange and pink and purple and I must say, it was beautiful. I dare say- One of the best sun rises I’ve seen on my trip so far.

after aweing at the sun rise for several minutes I then got the chance to ride a plastic sheet down a very steep part of the sand dunes! I wish I hadn’t- now looing back at it as I ended up falling off and getting sand under my dressed burn. But it was still terribly fun!

After a few laughs and Sand sledging we made it back to the coach to go to the next Sand Dunes. The Red Sand dunes.

In all honesty, the Red sand dunes was a bit of an Anti Climax after the White Sand dunes. There was litter everywhere as well as there were a load of people selling things on the dunes, it just didn’t have as much of the wow factor as the white dunes did for me.

But it was the great chance for me to catch a quick bite to eat as there was a food market just opposite. Where the coach had parked. So I grabbed myself a plastic garden chair seat and sat down. Ordering an Ice tea (The lipton canned Ice tea out here is my favorite. I can’t get enough!) I then ordered stir fried noodles.

After my noodle breakfast, with the sun at its highest point, we gratefulkly stepped back into the airconditioned bus.

It then took us to the fishing beaches where because of a particular group we were waiting on- We missed them fishing and only caught the fishermen carrying their catches up the hills but it was still a lopvely beach to check out. The tourguide could tell that many others were getting tired so we only spent 10 minutes at the fishermans beach and we hurried off to the final destination, the Fairy Stream.

This was a lovely end to the tour. We were guided to step down a stairways and go under a bridge where there was a shallow stream. We took off our shoes and walked barefoot up the stream. The water tickling our toes and flora surrounding us. There were cows and birds on the way up. The further you go, the deeper the stream gets as well as the more beautiful your surroundings become. The bushes and trees got replaced with orange rocks and peculiar shaped cliffs and bright colours.

All in all- it was most certainly worth the £9 ☺️

2 thoughts on “Sand dunes and Fairy Streams in Nha Trang 

  1. Rachel says:

    I loved reading about your adventures! They are so inspiring! This is such a growth opportunity for you. I may have to pack my backpack in the not so distant future!

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