Da Lat, Vietnam. Architecture and facing fears. 

You will Find the city of Da Lat 5000 feet above sea level on mountain tops. Where it has birthed the nick name “City of Eternal Spring”. It’s constant cool winds and steady temperature of 50- 70 degrees is the source of its name.

Da Lat is beautiful. 

The buildings architecture is so quaint, it has a recognisable touch of the French influence that was clearly introduced during the French’s colonisation of Vietnam.

After hearing so much about the city that’s located on a top of a mountain I was eager to visit it for myself. I was so blown away by its likeness to the European builds of cities. After spending 2 weeks in Vietnam already it was a bit of a surprise to see this city have a mixture of French and Vietnamese architecture all in one. I was also very grateful for the cool air! I had not experienced temperatures below 60 in quite some time!

To make the most of my time here, I was told I must do an adventure tour that most hostels offer at reception. After a small amount of research, I decided to go Kanyoning.

Now for those of you who know me, you may already be aware that I am afraid of heights. So you can imagine the amount of bravery it took to then agree to abseil down a 15 meter high waterfall.

There was a short trek to the first destination. I don’t think when I actually signed up for it , did I think I was that scared of what I was about to do.

It was only until I was strapped in and told to lean back more when I finally realised what I was doing!

The only thing holding me was my own two hands which had a white knuckle grip on the rope that was tied to a tree. We were then told to walk backwards, leaning our weight in a sitting motion as we abseiled down the cliff. Sound simple right?

In a way, it was simple. But that didn’t make it any less terrifying.

After two waterfalls – we then made it to a cliff where we were told that we could free jump into the water. Again- I was a trembling wreck and made the mistake of jumping in last. I was so scared and unable to jump the first time, a fellow traveller had to jump with me so I’d go!

After the first time, I’d like to brag a bit and say that I actually jumped off the second jump by myself!

Note that it did take a while for me to get the lady balls to jump. But I still did it! 7 meters high! May not sound high- but you stand on the edge of a 7 metre high drop and jump and see how easy you find it! 😉

After the jump we then did some canyoning down a strong stream deeper into the forest where we hit our final challenge. Which I found was my most Favorite! It got the nick name the ‘washing Macine’ due to the fact that you’re literally abseiling into a waterfall, you then let go of the ropes completely to be completely submerged by the water, twirled around a little bit and then spat out again.

After an exillerating and exhausting day- I felt like I’d definitely beaten a fear of mine. Who knows what I could do next! Maybe sky dive or bunjee jump. Whatever it is, I’m grateful to Da Lat for opening many more adventurous doors for my trip. I’ve gotten a taste of adrenaline now.

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