Cooking class in Cambodia 

One of the best parts of traveling alone is that you get to meet so many people all from different backgrounds and countries and everyone’s your friend. You get invited to go for drinks or tours and for me, I got invited to a cooking class in Cambodia.

I met a fellow blogger (who is doing a lot of a better job at it than I am and is actually making a living out of it! But that’s not the point of this blog so I shall move on) and her friend and they invited me along to this cooking class they were attending. So we grabbed a Tuk Tuk to the place and put on an apron! 

At the start of the class they first take you to where they’ve bought all of the food from. They walked us through the markets and taught us about the origin of the foods and what ingredients we will be using as well as a little lesson on the history of the market

After that we were escorted back to the class where we were given our first task of cooking the starter. Which were prawn Spring rolls.

I struggled at first to roll everything up without the rice paper tearing but after a bit of practice I got used to it and they turned out looking pretty delicious! After you add on the extra bits and bobs for the garnish to make it look fancy, it looked Resturant worthy!

After every dish you make you get to go back to your seats and enjoy what you’ve just made before you then go back and make the second dish.

For the main course we made a delicious fish curry with a lot of different ingredients!

We were put to the test with a lot of fast paced instructions and were told to improvise and get creative when it came to the flavours of each curry. The chef wanted it to be focussed to our taste and not of his. So of course I added extra sugar and honey to give mine a little more of a sweet tooth kick.

We then added some more veg and some other ingredients the thicken up the curry.

Then came the taste test! Of course, mine was the sweetest. And everyone else had gone for a more savoury approach. But I loved it none the less. It was very tasty and i would definitely try to cook it again when I get home.

For dessert, it was not my favourite but it was still very nice.

It was fried bananas with a passion fruit dressing.

Now personally I love passion fruit but I like it by Itself. When you start adding it to other flavours I feel like it overwhelms my tastebuds. The dessert was of course the most simple dish we made as all we had to do was fry the bananas and add the passion fruit with some coconut milk and that was that!

I was also ridiculously full at this point after two courses already. So I didn’t eat a lot of the dessert but I was pleasantly surprised to how much I enjoyed it as I would never had ordered it in a Resturant.

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