I went to the Full Moon Party… and I hated it.

As I stood there in the midst of the Full Moon Party in full swing, I took in my surroundings. Speakers blaring out badly remixed pop songs, there were girls dressed in nothing but bikinis and body paint throwing up into the sea, a guy had stepped on a piece of glass and was trying to bandage his foot with his t-shirt. A hundred people were dancing to the Macarena song, flip flops as far as the eye could see abandoned and broken. It felt less like a party and more like a weird black light lit warzone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good party. But I feel as though the Full moon party is no longer a thing that you’d want to be invited to. It was like a flash back to when I was a kid and we weren’t old enough to get into pubs or bars so we’d get our oldest looking friend to buy vodka and we’d drink our self silly in a field until curfew. I felt like F.M.P was that- but just on a beach and with 20 thousand people. If you take a step back and have a look at your surroundings you can see that everyone’s just too wasted to see how shit the F.M.P really is.

The alcohol is over priced, the taxi’s to get home are a joke. After three hours of walking up and down the beach, I decided to call it a night and left with the excuse of a dodgy tummy (which to be fair, was actually true- I hadn’t felt great since we’d arrived at Haad rin Beach, but I was rather relieved that I had a genuine excuse to get the hell out of there.) So once I left my friends I walked up to the main road to try and find a taxi rank. After walking for half an hour I finally found it. I asked the guy how much to take me to my Bungalow which was located at around 40 minute drive away. He said: 700 Bhatt for one person. Now 700 Bhatt exchanges to around £13.50- doesn’t seem like much if you come from London but here- that’s stupidly over priced. Especially when I got the taxi from the Ferry to my hotel only three days prior for the equivalent of £3! Luckily my haggling skills have improved since coming here so I got them down to 200 Bhatt with the exchange that I would have to wait until the taxi was completely full until he’d take me. Which I thought as fair. So after a half an hour wait- the taxi was full and I’d saved myself 500 Bhatt.

I think over all- the night of the Full moon party, the only good thing about that night was the taxi ride home when I asked the Taxi driver to stop at a 7 Eleven to let me grab some water and some food, he came in with me and paid for my water. I think it was out of pity for the fact that I had looked so miserable and that I was going back alone. He didn’t speak much English but I assumed from the look on his face that he must have felt sorry for me. But after a very shitty evening it was nice to end it with a bit of kindness from the locals.

I think the full moon party has its positives and negatives. It put Ko Pangang on the map! It brings so much business that the locals can rely on. Every hostel and hotel are packed of each moth which can only be seen as a positive thing for the local business owners. Then again, after that one night, there’s the disgraceful amount of litter on the beach the very next day. Lets do a little bit of maths shall we?

There are on average, 25,000 people who do to The full moon party every month- lets say every person has four drinks each and half of them throw their buckets and cups and glass bottles on the ground or into the sea. That’s 25,000 X 4 divided 2 = 50,000. That’s 50 THOUSAND individual pieces of litter on the floor. And this may be an exaggeration but if you’ve been to the Full moon party- be honest with yourself, are you telling me that you didn’t litter? not even once?

Overall, It wasn’t my first time at the Full moon party but it was most certainly my last.

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