The faster you realise that you don’t need a lot of stuff to travel, the better. 

I have packed and re Packed and packed again for this trip. I started packing about three months in advance. Don’t ask me why, I was an excited little bean going on an adventure. I think I wanted time to move faster and thought it would feel like the flight date was closer if I was all packed and ready to go for it.

I liked the idea of being able to just stand up and go and not do that awful last minute packing the night before the flight when you forget to pack socks and leave behind crucial items.

But no img_2826matter how many times I packed, the bloody bag would not close. I was looking at all of the clothes I’d decided to bring, the sun creams and cosmetics, I was so sure that I needed every single thing. It wasn’t until my aunty Kim (who is a fabulous makeup artist and you should 100 percent check her website out) offered to come over to go through things and help me filter out all the things I didn’t need to take. When she saw that I had packed 4 long sleeved tops and 30 pairs of pants she laughed. A lot.

Kim had made me realise that I had packed by far too much or the same thing. 5 long sleeved tops, 6 t-shirts, 30 pairs of knickers… Now I think back to it that was waaaay too many pairs of pants. As every blog and every person who has gone travelling will tell you… you don’t need to bring a lot!

You forget that you’re going to have to lug this bag around with you EVERYWHERE. Everything you take, you carry yourself. The faster you realise that, the better. Kim helped me get rid of nearly 70% of my clothes, my bag zipped up with ease and it feels ten times lighter. Although we’ll see how light it feels when I’m in Bangkok humidity and I’m trying to Hail down a taxi to my Hostel. I’m currently sitting at Gate A18 in Heathrow Airport waiting for the doors to open. Big backpack will hopefully meet me at Bangkok airport

Moral of the story is- if you want to take it but don’t need to take it, don’t take it!

The gate’s opened! So I shall sign of now.

Wish me luck 😛

off i go



One thought on “The faster you realise that you don’t need a lot of stuff to travel, the better. 

  1. Harriet Coombs says:

    haha this is so me! I think i got my backpack down from the loft in February for a trip i will take in July :-I Hope your trip goes well – let us know if you regret leaving anything behind! x

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