Book review of Me before you By Jojo Moyes

My Review of: Me before you By Jo jo Moyes

My Rating: four-stars_02

15507958Louisa Clark is a girl who is many things, she’s sweet, she’s kind, she’s witty. But most of all, she’s comfortable. So much so that at the ripe age of 26 she hasn’t done more than leave the house to work at a cafe and then walk back again in over 6 years. It’s not until she loses her job and finds an unexpected replacement position when her whole life is turned upside down. Will it be enough for her to realise that comfortable doesn’t mean happy?

I had trepidation when I decided to read this because I’m a giant softy and can’t handle the sad stories. But because of the raging reviews and the persistent nagging from a particular friend I finally gave in. I was so hooked to the story and in love with the positive and bubbly personality of Louisa Clark that I couldn’t put my kindle down! (Yes I own a kindle, but that’s a whole other thing for another blog)

The writing flowed with ease and Jo jo’s ability to have me picturing literally everything with barely any surrounding description, if any!! She had me even questioning the quality of my own writing. You could even go as far as thinking I actually really admire her writing. The storyline was very sweet, witty and a few giggle moments and of course- romantic.

If you’re up for a teary but heart warming little story- please pick this book up before you run off to the movies to watch Deneryes and Finnick fall in love. I always get sad when people watch the movies without giving the book a chance. 9 times out of 10 the books are going to be better! Why would you deprive yourself from that?! Don’t do it!! 😉


But definitely go see the movie after reading the book! I know I will! 😛

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