Cooking class in Cambodia 

One of the best parts of traveling alone is that you get to meet so many people all from different backgrounds and countries and everyone’s your friend. You get invited to go for drinks or tours and for me, I got invited to a cooking class in Cambodia.

I met a fellow blogger (who is doing a lot of a better job at it than I am and is actually making a living out of it! But that’s not the point of this blog so I shall move on) and her friend and they invited me along to this cooking class they were attending. So we grabbed a Tuk Tuk to the place and put on an apron!  Continue reading

I went to the Full Moon Party… and I hated it.

As I stood there in the midst of the Full Moon Party in full swing, I took in my surroundings. Speakers blaring out badly remixed pop songs, there were girls dressed in nothing but bikinis and body paint throwing up into the sea, a guy had stepped on a piece of glass and was trying to bandage his foot with his t-shirt. A hundred people were dancing to the Macarena song, flip flops as far as the eye could see abandoned and broken. It felt less like a party and more like a weird black light lit warzone. Continue reading

The sweetness of doing nothing!

I’ve officially been away for about two weeks and three days. Already I travelled around so much, it’s hard to believe that I’ve been gone for such a short while. After I met Nicole, she and I travelled down to Ko Chang together, that’s where we met Liam. The three of us then marched off to Krabi to get to Ao nang, where we stayed at a party hostel called the Slumber party hostel. From there we visited islands and beaches and bars and one club that sold really tasty kebabs. After a good few days of music and madness we decided to venture up to Koh Pangang where we found a cheap (ish) bungalow hotel next to the beach. Lovely little bungalow, freshly painted and pretty new looking. Only problem with it was the unrecognisable smell that came from the bathroom. It wasn’t unpleasant but it wasn’t exactly pleasant.. I think it was the fact that I couldn’t place the smell or where it was even coming from was what bothered me the most. Continue reading

My experience eating in Thailand.

If  you’d have said to me that I would eat fish off the bone that had a face one month ago, I would probably had gagged a little and then laughed at you. Or that I would have trusted the meat that came out of a kitchen that looked dirtier than a public toilet. But there is something about me that I have noticed a change in already and that is my new taste for different things. There would have been times when I wouldn’t have dared even touch a fork that had a spot of dirt on it. But if travelling has yet to teach me anything its that if you’d like to eat- you have to lower your standards of hygene expectations. Continue reading

The faster you realise that you don’t need a lot of stuff to travel, the better. 

I have packed and re Packed and packed again for this trip. I started packing about three months in advance. Don’t ask me why, I was an excited little bean going on an adventure. I think I wanted time to move faster and thought it would feel like the flight date was closer if I was all packed and ready to go for it.

I liked the idea of being able to just stand up and go and not do that awful last minute packing the night before the flight when you forget to pack socks and leave behind crucial items. Continue reading

Book review of Me before you By Jojo Moyes

My Review of: Me before you By Jo jo Moyes

My Rating: four-stars_02

15507958Louisa Clark is a girl who is many things, she’s sweet, she’s kind, she’s witty. But most of all, she’s comfortable. So much so that at the ripe age of 26 she hasn’t done more than leave the house to work at a cafe and then walk back again in over 6 years. It’s not until she loses her job and finds an unexpected replacement position when her whole life is turned upside down. Will it be enough for her to realise that comfortable doesn’t mean happy? Continue reading