The Girl who chased the Moon By Sarah Addison Allen.

My book review of: The girl who chased the moon By Sarah Addison Allen.

My Rating: five-stars

Now I’m not going to lie… This book is without a doubt my favourite book of all time. None of this ‘othe-girl-who-chased-the-moon_.jpgne of my’ favourites bullcrap- this IS my all time number one choice of books. This has changed my view of writing forever. It was my first book that introduced me to the world created by Sarah Addison Allen. Who, in my opinion, is so underrated. Her ability to introduce magical realism into her stories and have you eating out of each character’s hand is so wonderful.

The story is about a girl named Emily Benedict who moves to a very peculiar town named Mullaby. Where she is shunned out by the locals due to her mothers past. So Emily makes it her duty to clear her mothers name and on the way discovers some magical secrets about the old town and meets a mysterious boy who doesn’t go out at night who in the end, helps her uncover her mother’s past.

S.A. Allen’s writing soothed me. Her style is smooth and flows so elegantly you don’t even notice you’re turning the pages. this story is romantic, heart warming and laugh out loud funny. With witty lines and familiar descriptions. This book is something that would be perfect to read on a camping trip or a long train ride to a new place. It gives you this small urge to go on an adventure of your own!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a light bit of reading with a happy story line and a hint of magic with a touch of romance.

Everything about this book is magical to me. There is always one book soul mate. And this is my book soul mate. I have read it about 29 times for those of you who don’t believe me, here’s the copy of my book.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 15.27.58.png


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