Harry Potter and the philosophers stone By J.K Rowling

My Book Review of: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone By J.K Rowling.

My rating:    five-stars

philosophers-stone-cover-2.jpgNow I know what you’re thinking: “Catch up Poppy, this book came out years ago!” And you’re right! But its the most recent book I have read as I have only just started the Harry potter series last month and I thought my first book review ever- should be of a book I have read recently so it is fresh in my mind. So here it is…

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone is the first of Rowling’s 7 novels in the Harry Potter series. It has, as you all know, become the most successful literary novel of all time. This story is about a young boy named Harry who soon discovers that he is no ordinary boy. He is a wizard! He is then whisked away to Hogwarts where he learns about the wonders of the Magical world, Qudditch, three headed dogs and makes new friends named Ron and Hermione who together, unravel mysteries the of Hogwarts and save the magical world on the way.

One of the things that caught me by surprise with the book is how funny it was! I caught myself giggling away to it on multiple occasions. The story itself flowed with ease and I found myself completely hooked to the well known story all over again. I am astounded to how Rowling has created this entire world that I was engulfed in by the second chapter. Every name and every spell was aspiring. I loved the movies but after reading the novel itself. I have a new found respect and love for J.K Rowling. I cannot even bring myself to pick a favourite character as I love them all. I am half way through Chamber of Secrets and I am sitting at the edge of my seat as I read! Over all, I would happily say that this book will become another one of my comfort reads that I could go back to reading again and again and again.

I would recommend this book to any reader who loves a bit of magic.



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