a strong desire to travel.
“a woman consumed by wanderlust”

I’ve always loved this word…There’s something so free about it. The meaning behind it alone gives you the itch to just have a peek at the cheap flights for a quick get away. Wander has this sort of lightness to it yet lust has that sharp passion we all know so well. Put the two together and you’ll find yourself buying a one way ticket to South east Asia in no time. As i have.

I think I’ve always had the itch to go travelling.

Just under two years ago, I hopped onto a plane to Thailand with the travel company called REAL GAP. They do packages where you can pay them off in monthly instalments and they do the itinerary for you, accommodation, travel, tours, events, you name it! It was a great way to start off a nervous traveler like myself to give me the confidence boost I’d needed. (Unfortunately the trip was cut short after a mere 4 weeks when I tore a ligament in my ankle at the Full moon Party)

I met some amazing people and definitely made some epic memories but I still felt like I had a safety net underneath me. Like I wasn’t doing the full monty of what travelling’s all about… Getting Lost.

So now I’m doing a TAKE TWO of South East Asia! But this time, I’m going solo. No itinerary pre made for me, no safety nets, no tour guide to translate to taxi drivers and Tuk Tuk’s, no pre booked coaches or boats. Everything is completely up to me and  I am fucking terrified. I plan to document my entire trip through social media as well as in my personal journal but who knows how much I will actually end up posting. I know my intentions are good, but I’ve done this before and did not post one single blog post whilst I was away.

But the intentions were there!

12998191_10156813731915302_2059381608285444652_oI’ve bought all the books, downloaded all the apps and I haven’t bought a return flight. What I’d like to get out from this experience is a little more independence, confidence, and perhaps find oneself. I’ve always found myself depending on others such as boyfriends or parents or friends. I’ve been that sociable butterfly that everyone knows and loves, but in doing so, I’ve never truly been on my own.

At the ripe age of 22, I think it’s time for me to jump into the deep end. I’ve planned… Most of it out. My budgeting comes up to roughly £500 a month for me to make it out there for the preferred time of 10 months. But weather or not that sticks, is beyond me! I won’t stop myself from having new experiences if that means I’ll leave a week early or so, I will enjoy my time there. Even if it means making some adjustments to my budget or time away.

Heres to the count down to the 7th of May 2016!

I’m going on an adventure! 😉




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