A Sudden Crush. By Camilla Isley

My Book review of: A Sudden Crush By Camilla Isley.

My Rating: two-stars_0


A Book editor marries an Author, thats a match made in heaven! Or is it?

This easy read, chick-lit is the good match for a holiday. (Just make sure you don’t read it on the plane if you have a flying phobia) I must admit that in the beginning, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this book. I had an immediate disliking to the main Character Joanna, she comes off as a bit self centred and rather prejudice. She was quick to label a stranger as ‘Mr ogre’ after he was slightly rude to her.(Who she then has to share a deserted island with for 5 months) I don’t know what it is but there was something about her throughout the book that… irritated me. It was as though she seemed to over react or under react to a lot of things. Joanna’s lack of understanding or just complete obliviousness to the seriousness of being stranded on a deserted island was somewhat infuriating at times. It was as though this supposedly “great book editor” had nothing but air between her ears. Putting my opinions on the main character aside… I would have also have liked it if there was more romance included in the story. Yes there are hints, but not enough to utterly quench my thirst!
Over all I would definitely say this book was recommendable and easy to read for a chilled out holiday or lazy sunday. I had a hard time with the unrealistic factor of the entire story. It was so far away from what real life is really like that I found it hard to make sense of it and relate to it in any way. For me, I’m not a fan of the storyline itself but i liked Camilla’s writing. If you can look past the unrealistic factor of the story itself then this is the right book for you 🙂

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