Before I kick it! 

So I’ve started working at my grandfathers new bar… I quit my job working for Toyota and as a last minute resort, I got a job at The K.P.H in Ladbroke Grove. Three days in and I’ve already been benched! I had an argument with a customer who was being rude to me and I was having none of it (I think it was the zero fucks I give about this job that brought me to telling him to shut the fuck up when he spoke to me like I was a piece of poop on his shoe.) I could have been ruder than I was by telling him that he should stop judging others on their lives when he clearly has none of his own from my observation- this is his 8th night in a row at the same bar talking to the same locals- drinking the same Single shot of Jameson’s whisky from opening till closing. But… That’s none of my business. Anyway- I got a slap in the wrist because I pissed off a regular, I’ve now been put on guest list duty. Which consists of sitting down at a desk at the bottom of the stairs as I wait for people in a private party to arrive. So far… Zero people have showed up, including the birthday boy. So in this time I thought I’d take the opportunity to think about what I’d like to do with my life before I die- and make sure I don’t become a dried up prune prick at a local bar tormenting the staff because they did nothing good in their life…so here it is!! My bucket list in no particular order….

  • Go to Tokyo
  • Move and live in another country for Atleast a year
  • Sky dive
  • Scuba dive at a ship wreck
  • Be fluent in BSL (British Sign language)
  • Become fluent in Japanese
  • Learn Short Hand
  • Take Archery lessons
  • Do a course to become a Yoga instructor
  • Finish writing my Book
  • Become published
  • Get a degree in something I am passionate about (like creative writing?)
  • Sell a homemade embroidery piece
  •  Visit Rome
  • Sing in front of a crowd on stage (not karaoke)
  • See an underwater museum
  • Travel South East Asia
  • Host a dinner party (and not poison anyone in the process..)
  • Start a Vlog site

2 thoughts on “Before I kick it! 

  1. Wake38 says:

    We happen to share a few, well more than a few: Sky-dive (top priority), Host a dinner party, move and live in another country for a year, do a course to become a Yoga instructor, Become fluent in ‘Spanish’, Finish writing my book, and become self-published!
    I plan to knock off a few of these before the end of the year and I encourage you to do the same! -W38

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