The Stroke of Midnight


What I did when the year tuned 2016…

On the 31st of December 2015, My then boyfriend of three years, attempted romance for the first time and pretty much nailed it. It was my 22nd birthday and our 3 year anniversary. My Ex wasn’t exactly the… sentimental type. He was more of the ‘logical loving’ type. He didn’t ever do anything spontaneously so the fact that this time he’d made such effort and put such thought into my day meant the world to me. I think I even cried?!


By 6am, I was already on my way to work… I was working in the morning of my birthday which was apparently perfect for him as he’d planned to set my surprise in my room. The surprise consisted of birthday balloons filled in my bedroom, birthday bunting, red velvet birthday cake and a massive bouquet of flowers. To top it off, he’d got me a couple of gifts too. So whilst everyone else was putting their makeup on for the night to come. I was in KFC having a birthday lunch with a big  smile on my face as my boyfriend and I laughed about how last minute we’d left our plans. I called up multiple restaurants on the day, wanting to make a reservation for two… most of the people who answered the calls practically laughed at us. We ended up in our local restaurant that does sushi and classic Japanese a la carte getting tipsy on beer and wine.

By 9pm,  After dinner, we wanted to go and get some cocktails but took one look at the prices and thought… we could do better!

By 9:30pm, We ended up in Budgens walking down the spirits isle whilst I Googled the ingredients on my iPhone on how to make a home made Apple Martini.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve had too many disappointing NYE nights to why I’ve sort of given up on going out.. Maybe I’m just getting old sooner than expected? These days, my idea of a perfect New years eve is just being surrounded by the people you care about. Weather that be in a party or on a sofa under blankets watching TV, or making Apple martini’s at home and watching Chuck on Netflix as you try and keep your eyes open for the stroke of midnight to watch the fireworks from your bedroom window.

Wherever I am, I just want to be happy and wish the new year be better than the last and that night, I was where I wanted to be. 🙂




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